Eyelash Extensions


Classic lash extensions are meticulously applied, adhering to a 1:1 ratio of one individual extension to one natural lash. Perfect for those new to lash extensions, this style achieves a natural and subtle look, akin to the effect of mascara. With added curls that eliminate the need for daily lash curling, it's an ideal choice for effortlessly enhancing your lashes.

Hybrids/light Volume

Hybrid lash extensions offer a captivating blend of classic and volume lash styles, resulting in a natural yet subtly voluminous effect. By interweaving classic lashes with natural volume fans, this technique achieves a perfect blend, providing endless texture and dimension. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious balance between classic and volume, delivering a stunning and textured lash appearance.

Full Volume

Indulge in the allure of volume lash extensions, where thicker yet lightweight extension fans are delicately blended onto each individual natural lash. If you crave a statement look that commands attention and exudes ultimate glamour, this set is your go-to. Say farewell to strip lashes and embrace fullness, texture, and density that lasts for over three weeks, ensuring you turn heads everywhere you go. Elevate your lash game with a touch of luxury and lasting beauty.

Mega Volume

Step into the world of ultimate glamour with Mega Volume lash extensions – the densest and fullest set available. This style offers a gradual transition from a volume set to a light volume set as you approach your refill. Renowned for its versatility, it's perfect for those seeking an ultra-glamorous and intense lash look, featuring maximum volume that's ready for any occasion and perfect for capturing stunning photos. Embrace the allure of mega volume lashes for a truly show-stopping appearance.

Wispy Volume/Wet Wispy Volumes

Experience the epitome of glamour with our Wispy Style lash extensions – the ultimate strip lash look like no other. This specialty set is meticulously designed and crafted through expert layering and special blending techniques. Each length is customized, and spikes are strategically placed to create a voluminous, defined, yet naturally stunning strip lash appearance. Elevate your lash game with this unique and captivating style that promises to leave a lasting impression.
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