Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Lip Blush Tattooing

Are you ready to embrace natural, defined, and long-lasting lip perfection? Tired of lackluster lips lacking shape and color? Look no further! Lip blush offers a semi-permanent cosmetic solution to enhance the contour, color, and plumpness of your lips. Our meticulous process involves delicately implanting pigments into the dermal layer, creating a customized saturation that suits your preference, whether it's a subtle, natural tint or a more defined lipstick-like finish. During a thorough consultation, we carefully select the perfect shade to complement your skin tone, correcting asymmetry, uneven color, and providing the illusion of fuller lips. The results can last between 1 to 3 years, depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. For sustained vibrancy, a color retouch is recommended every few years. Say goodbye to pale, shapeless lips and hello to a water-resistant, sweat-proof solution that lets you confidently embrace all that life throws your way!

Lip Blush Touch Ups

A $220 touch-up is available under 6-week period, a colour booster session is available as an additional cost to you between 6 weeks and 12 months.

Ombre eyebrows tattooing

Discover the Beauty of Ombre Brows: Effortless Perfection Every Day! Experience the allure of this transformative tattooing technique, redefining your brows with delicate pigment dots. Meticulously measured and designed for a perfect fit, it offers a soft-to-dark gradient, mimicking makeup for a natural yet defined look. Unlock perfect brows that last all day, every day!

Ombre eyebrows Touch Ups

We offer a $220.00 touch-up within a 6-week period to ensure your satisfaction. Additionally, a color booster session is available at an additional cost between 6 weeks and 12 months, allowing you to maintain the vibrancy and perfection of your brows for an extended period.
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