Pretty Parlour Ultra Rapid Adhesive


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Our Pretty Secret 2 Second Adhesive is a versatile lash glue designed for both Classic and Volume Lashing. With a quick setting time of just 1-2 seconds, it’s perfect for fast-paced applications. This low-fume formula ensures a more comfortable experience for your clients. 

The adhesive can be used in a range of environments, with ideal humidity between 30-60% and temperatures from 22-24 degrees. The setting time changes based on conditions, so it will be faster in warmer and more humid settings. 

This 5ml bottle has a thin viscosity, making it easy to apply without clumping. To keep the adhesive fresh, it comes in a vacuum-sealed pouch with silica bags. It also includes a nozzle pin and spare nozzles. 

Key Features: 

  1. Setting time of 1-2 seconds 
  2. Ideal humidity of 30-60% 
  3. Works best at 22-24 degrees  
  4. Thin viscosity for smooth application 
  5. Vacuum-sealed packaging 
  6. Includes nozzle pin and spare nozzles for easy maintenance 

Experience reliable performance and fast results with our Pretty Secret 2 Second Adhesive. 

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