Brow Artistry

Brow Sculpt

Indulge in our Brow Sculpt treatment, where precision is paramount. Your brows undergo meticulous measuring and mapping using specialized techniques to ensure perfect symmetry. Our skilled technicians then apply wax, trim, and tweeze, sculpting your brows to perfection. Enhance your experience with customizable add-ons, detailed below. Elevate your brow game with a treatment designed to bring out the best in your natural beauty.

Brow Sculpt and Dye

Upgrade your Brow Sculpt treatment by adding our long-lasting dye service, designed to fill in any gaps for a flawless finish. The process begins with a gentle cleanse using a scented nutrience brow scrub, followed by the application of our high-quality source dye, providing vibrant color that lasts up to 2 weeks. The final step involves a special lock-in spray, ensuring the color stays vibrant and activated to its full potential. Elevate your brow experience with this enhanced service for long-lasting, beautifully defined brows.

Brow Sculpt , Dye and Lamination

Take your brow experience to the next level with our Ultimate Brow service, featuring the addition of Brow Lamination. This technique involves straightening brow hairs to the desired shape and direction, allowing you to maintain perfectly tamed brows for 6-8 weeks. Neutralizing and filling in any gaps, our Ultimate Brow service ensures your brows are impeccably groomed. As a bonus, our service includes a complimentary lip jelly mask and an eye mask to hydrate and rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving you looking and feeling your very best. Elevate your beauty routine with our comprehensive Ultimate Brow service for brows that are not only defined but also beautifully pampered.
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