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Ensure a clean and comfortable lash application with our Lint-Free Under Eye Gel Pads. These pads protect and hydrate your client’s under eyes while you are lashing, it also makes it easier to isolate lashes and prevents bottom eyelashes to accidently get stuck to the top eyelashes during the lashing session. 

Each gel pad is individually wrapped and sealed for freshness, allowing for easy and hygienic use. They can be re-positioned without losing their grip, providing flexibility during lash application. The pads measure 7cm x 2.6cm, providing excellent coverage. 

Key Features: 

  1. 100% lint-free for a clean application 
  2. Individually wrapped and sealed for hygiene 
  3. Re-positionable without losing hold 
  4. Pack of 100in a convenient zipbag 
  5. Size: 7cm x 2.6cm 
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